Outcome Based Education

Program Assessment Plan

The ultimate goals of Program Assessment Plans within the School:

  • Monitor and review the delivery of the program as a whole;

  • Determine how well the students are achieving the PILOs;

  • Identify weak areas and take follow-up actions to strengthen and enhance the overall quality of the program.


With the support from the School QA Committee and OBE team, each undergraduate program has developed its own assessment plan, that will be implemented starting from 2012-2013 academic year onwards. The program assessment cycle focuses primarily on the 4-year curriculum. Nevertheless, the 3-year cohort will be assessed in conjunction with the activities arranged for the 4-year cohort, to capture a broader representation of data whenever it is applicable.

The OBE team will provide support to the 3 major assessment methods, which are course-embedded, questionnaire and standardized test, and has identified tools to assess the nine common program intended learning outcomes (ILO).


The assessment methods of each ILO are showed below:



Assessment Methods


Course-embedded: exam questions


Online survey

Ethical Practice

Online survey


Standardized test


Course-embedded: written reports/ essay-type exam questions & oral presentation

Execution and Problem-solving

Course-embedded: exam questions/ lab reports


Online survey


Online survey

International Outlook

Online survey














The OBE team combined the program assessment plans of the various programs into a School level master plan and timeline, outlining the administrative support required for the assessment exercises for each department/division to be taken at each term of the assessment cycle, in order to facilitate the assessment process, and at the same time, coordinate the efforts of different units.



School Level Assessment Timeline

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