Outcome Based Education

OBE Team


To nurture a culture of continuous enhancement of teaching and learning quality in the School of Science.


Mission Statement

The OBE team’s major responsibilities are to support the university and the school’s mission of advancing students’ educational quality so as to achieve excellence.   The details include:

  • Facilitate the OBE development in the School of Science;
  • Support the School Quality Assurance (QA) Committee and its initiatives;
  • Promote teaching excellence of faculty members and other teaching staff through offering regular teaching development activities, sharing useful resources and good practices;
  • Enhance students’ learning and development through regular student learning activities;
  • Collect feedback from faculty members, teaching staff and students for curriculum development through various measures, including curriculum mapping, program assessment, and faculty and student focus groups;
  • Collect feedback from External Undergraduate Education Advisors, to promote program quality and benchmark the program with the international standards.


OBE Framework in the School of Science: