Outcome Based Education

Curriculum Mapping


With the revision of the program ILOs, the inclusion of new courses and the restructuring of the undergraduate programs in response to the 334 curriculum reform, the team initiates a curriculum mapping exercise for the following purposes:

  • Ensure all program learning outcomes are addressed at the course level;

  • Identify program learning outcomes that are weakly addressed for continuous enhancement of program delivery;

  • Maximize coverage of the program learning outcomes at both the course and program level;

  • Provide insights to inform program assessment and the overall teaching quality.

In addition, curriculum mapping is a crucial exercise for constructive alignment at the school level, program level and course level.


Flow of Curriculum Mapping:


Follow-ups after curriculum mapping:


From 2012 onwards

From 2012 onwards, to streamline the current process of curriculum mapping and reduce the workload of all involved parties, the School confirms the use of a web-based mapping system, the Program and Courses Outcomes System (PACOS) that can be used by the departments/ division. PACOS could be accessed via the link: http://obe.ust.hk.

PACOS User Guide