Outcome Based Education

Course Review

All course outlines shall contain outcome-based teaching and learning elements including the course intended learning outcomes (ILO), teaching and learning activities and assessment methods, and illustrate how they are aligned with each other as follows:

  • Learning activities and assessment are intentionally driven by the needs of students seeking to achieve the learning outcomes and the need to evaluate students' success;
  • A realistic view has been taken of the capacity of the learning activities planned for the course to enable students to achieve the desired outcomes;
  • The desired level of performance of outcomes has been taken into account; and
  • The alignment built into the course design can be made apparent to students.

To ensure courses at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels are delivered in an outcome-based approach, course changes and new courses proposed by Division/Departments/Programs will be reviewed by the School Undergraduate Committee and School Postgraduate Committee respectively before they are submitted to the Senate Committee on Undergraduate Studies / Senate Committee on Postgraduate Studies for approval.

For the checklist and sample of course outlines, please click here