Outcome Based Education

Course Review

All new courses to be offered starting from the academic year 2012-2013 should submit course plans to the School Curriculum Committee. The School Quality Assurance (QA) Committee will help to review course ILOs, teaching and learning activities and assessments and gives recommendations. During the meetings of the School OBE team with a group of instructors, suggestions will be given to refine course design in the course proposals and check the alignment between the above three items, which ensures all courses will get ready for quality assurance check and approval before the academic year 2012.

For those 3--year undergraduate courses to be migrated and operated starting from academic year 2012 – 2013, departments/ division should submit course proposals as well. At the stage of re-organizing the courses, particularly those with substantial changes, the team will also give advice to the involved course instructors. With the help of the OBE team, the course proposals can be finalized and submitted to individual departments/ division for quality assurance check and approval. Finally, the course contents/design can be revised after receiving recommendations from the School QA Committee.